About us

Gautly is an esteemed international trading company with strategic locations in Germany and Poland. Our unwavering commitment to securing the most favorable outcomes for our clients underscores our mission to establish and maintain strong, long-lasting business relationships. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we believe that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Our core competency lies in the trading of new and pre-owned cars, as well as commercial vehicles, from a broad range of brands and manufacturers. We exclusively cater to car dealerships and other esteemed automotive professionals throughout Europe.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience from the time of placing your order until delivery of your vehicle. Our efforts are characterized by a strong work ethic, a customer-centric approach, and a focus on exceeding your expectations.

Thanks to our extensive relationships with car importers, official car dealerships, leasing companies, and rental companies, we are able to operate with minimal margins, making car trading more efficient and profitable. Our streamlined organizational structure and low operational costs allow us to pass on cost savings to our clients, resulting in a value-driven service. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information on our services.

About the owner

Meet Martin Koselowski, an experienced automotive professional with a passion for the industry. With a career spanning back to the age of 18 in Germany, Martin has gained valuable experience in various aspects of the automotive business. Starting with cleaning cars, it wasn't long until Martin sold his first car just a few months later.

After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in International and Business Studies at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Martin started working as a Purchasing Manager for new and used cars in Enschede, the Netherlands in 2015.

In addition to graduating with a Master's degree in Economics from Lazarski University in Warsaw in 2016, Martin also gained a Professional Certificate in Car Fleet and Mobility Management at Kozminski University in 2018, and successfully completed a postgraduate study for automotive managers at Warsaw School of Economics in partnership with the Polish Automotive Chamber (PIM), further expanding his expertise in the industry.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt, Martin launched his own company in 2021, operating in both Poland and Germany. Driven by passion and a desire to offer the best service, Martin is committed to helping others in the automotive industry to succeed.